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6 Tips for New RV Owners

If you're a new RV owner, you'll need to become educated and conduct research to ensure you know how to maintain the recreational vehicle. It can be easy to make many mistakes if you're new to the process and are still learning about your RV's ins and outs. If you want to ensure you provide a high level of care for your RV, there are a few main tips to follow.


Your RV Collision Repair Center

What separates our RV body shop from the rest is our commitment to customer satisfaction and creating a stress-free environment where customers can communicate with our technicians and have all their questions answered. It's important to us that each customer is well-informed about every repair and our available lifetime warranties that are offered with every service.


About The Victim Center in Springfield

Located in Springfield, The Victim Center offers assistance to those who have been physically or sexually abused at no charge to the victim. The center is available 24 hours a day if an emergency arises. Counseling is offered on individual and group levels depending on the victim's experiences and comfort level.